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We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Want to know how to make your home smell good? Try these beautiful fragrant indoor plants for a brilliant way to make your home smell good naturally! If you are looking for a way to scent your home naturally without the toxins and chemicals found in some air fresheners and scented candles then indoor plants that smell good are a great alternative. There are plenty of types of indoor plants that are low maintenance while still being some of the best smelling plants.

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Indoor plants

Making sure your house smells good is very important, but why keep using those highly wasteful and chemically filled air fresheners when you can get yourself some best smelling houseplants to do the job for you naturally? From subtle scents to stronger ones, here are ten best smelling houseplants you are sure to want in your home! Plumeria plants are tropical plants that have a beautiful and strong scent. They are known for Hawaiian leis and come in a variety of colors such as yellow, white, red, orange, and pink.

Because this is a tropical plant, make sure this plant is at a consistent 75 degrees F during the day and 60 degrees F during the evenings. These best smelling houseplants need a lot of sunlight so make sure you put them in a window with full sun. Plumeria need lots of water during the blooming seasons, spring and summer. But you will want to avoid root rot so try not to overwater it. Not all jasmine plants produce fragrant flowers.

For this best-smelling houseplants list, the jasmine I am talking about is Jasminum polyanthum. This is a vine plant, so make sure you have a place that it can grow up or down. Jasmine plants do not like sitting in soggy soil.

With best smelling houseplants like the lemon balm, you want to keep them by open windows so that the breezes will help release the scent of the leaves. This plant does not bloom flowers but is such a cute houseplant to have anyway.

This best smelling houseplant needs bright light to stay growing. Bright sunlight also encourages thick and bushy growth.

Water this plant to keep it at consistent dampness. In the hotter season, place a few bark chips on top of the soil to keep it from drying out.

This best smelling houseplant has beautiful glossy leaves and their cute flowers blossoms bloom in clusters. The flowers produce the fragrance that is said to smell like orange blossoms.

This plant needs a lot of light but not too much during the hotter summer months. This plant needs to be watered about once a week. Check by seeing if the first three inches of the soil is dry. During the hotter season, you might want to water a little more as the soil will dry out a bit faster. Many of you will know what mint and spearmint are. These plants are among my favorite best-smelling houseplants as they have a wonderful scent. If a slight breeze or wind brushes them, their scent becomes very strong and can even fill an entire room.

The only thing is they do not flower if that is something you are looking for. These best smelling houseplants need indirect sunlight. So, find a window that gets indirect sunlight and that is also cool in the morning. Water this plant so that is consistently damp, but do not soak it. Not only do these plants smell wonderful, but you can also use their leaves in the kitchen to add a mint taste to some dessert dishes. Lily of the Valley flowers is quite unique in their flowers and scent.

These best smelling houseplants have a pretty strong scent and the cute little bell-shaped flowers grow in clusters. If you get the care just right with this plant, you could grow it all year round making it an ideal naturally fragrant houseplant. Like many other blooming plants, this houseplant needs a lot of light. It also needs plenty of water in its growing season, spring and summer, but not enough to drown it. Just make sure the soil is damp.

If you notice new shoots coming from the soil, water the plant a little less. Hoya, or the wax plant, is known for its dark green, waxy leaves. But the leaves are not the reason why they are on the best smelling houseplants list. It is their beautiful and fragrant flowers that make them some of the best smelling houseplants. The flowers bloom in clusters and give a pop of pink and purple in the middle.

The scent becomes stronger in the evenings. This plant needs a lot of light for the flowers to bloom. Let the soil become dry between watering. And to fully let these flowers to bloom, do not cut off the new long tendrils as those are where new leaves and blooms start popping up. Here is another best smelling houseplant that does not produce flowers, however, has a very interesting structure. If you are looking for a fuller look with this plant, make sure to prune and keep it trimmed so that it does not shoot out tall and thin like in the photo below.

To take care of these best-smelling houseplants, make sure it is in either indirect sun or full sunlight. Let the soil dry out just a little bit in between watering. A great place for this plant is in a bathroom where the scent is drawn out by the humidity of a hot shower. Angel trumpets are some of the best smelling houseplants as their scent can fill an entire room.

The way the flowers bloom is quite fascinating and beautiful as the flowers bloom as trumpets and cascade down. Something to watch out for with these best-smelling houseplants is the pests that are extremely attracted to this plant. Because this plant is producing flowers, it needs a lot of light to grow.

Never over-water though. Gardenias are among the strongest best-smelling houseplants and the white petals look so beautiful in contrast to the dark green and glossy leaves. Gardenias are normally grown outdoors, however, they can also be successfully grown inside as long as you care for them right.

Gardenias need a lot of light. They do well in places that will have warmth in the day and be cooler in the evening. Never over water gardenias as these best smelling houseplants should have consistently damp soil. The list of best smelling houseplants will also include lavender plants. This plant is so beautiful and brings a splash of purple into your home, but it also smells so refreshing!

Lavender not only smells great and looks beautiful, but it is also a relaxing agent that soothes nerves. English lavender has a better time growing in smaller pots as well as has a stronger scent than French lavender. These best smelling houseplants need a ton of light. Also, make sure to let the soil dry in between waterings. Citrus plants are among some of the best smelling houseplants because they give off that natural citrus scent. You have a few kinds to choose from with lime, lemon, and orange.

The plant themselves are beautiful and they bear fruit! These best smelling houseplants are pretty easy to take care of. Just make sure to put them in a spot with lots of sunlight, a little humidity, make sure the soil is easily drainable, and water them lots! A bonus is if you have cats and want them to stay away from something, in particular, put the citrus plant around that object and your cat will stay away.

Cats cannot stand the smell of citrus, up close of course!

The Five Best Plants for Killing Cigarette Smells

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Each of these plants is easy to grow, requires no more than a few hours of sunlight each day, and many can be used in cooking. Night-blooming jasmine Cestrum nocturnum is a small plant with vivid green foliage and white, tubular-shaped flowers that only appear after dark. It grows best in loosely-packed, well-drained soil and should be giving a thorough soak of water every time the soil is dry. To support the growth of new blooms, fertilize your night-blooming jasmine every week from late spring to late fall.

The Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) has stunning white flowers and is fragrant enough to make even the stinkiest bathroom smell like heaven. Its perfume has.

The 5 Best-Smelling Houseplants to Add to Your Collection

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Look for organic soil that claims to be free of chemicals and contaminants that tend to harbor odor-causing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. If growing houseplants in plain water, refresh the water regularly to prevent algal growth that tends to smell bad. Some houseplants bloom with exotic smelling flowers. If the smell of the flowers is offensive, move the plant outdoors for the duration of the bloom. Alternatively, cut the flowers off and put them in a vase outdoors. They also have them to improve the indoor air quality. However, there are occasions when houseplants can produce a bad odor that can foul up the indoor atmosphere.

8 Best Fragrant Houseplants For Your Office or Home

Plants are an excellent way to be close to nature. If you have a fragrant plant at your home, they not only help to uplift the mood, but also make the atmosphere truly wonderful! In this article, we have combined a list of some of the best fragrant indoor plants that you can grow! Geraniums are one of the best-looking plants because of their flower spikes!

Forget chemical air fresheners cause these houseplants will give a delectable and fresh scent to your interior.

Growing Indoor Plants with Success

Air purifying ho useplants? Yes, very definitely. No one gets through elementary biology without learning about the ability of plants to convert the carbon dioxide we exhale to the oxygen we cannot do without, converting light to food during the process of photosynthesis. But there is more to some of these amazing plants, especially the ones that are able to remove certain toxins from our indoor environment. These are the air purifying plants. Please note: Some varieties can be toxic, especially if ingested by humans, dogs, and cats.

Why Does Your Soil Smell Bad? 3 Reasons [and 9 Solutions]

Growing indoor plants is a great way to add colour and liveliness to your home. Apart from their beautiful appearance, many houseplants are beautifully scented, making your home smell great. So keeping them around your home may require any scented products. Below given is the list of best smelling flowers for indoors. Read on! With its thick green leaves and beautiful white flowers, Jasmine is known for being one of the more elegant indoor plant options. This plant produces a sweet and delicate aroma, which is compared to fresh linen. It also comes in many varieties and most species should be kept in a room for high light, humidity and bloom.

A strong smell coming from a cactus plant, and I'm presuming you mean a thick chunky roundish cactus, is very bad news. Most likely it has some sort of rot.

Potted Plant Soil Smells Bad: Causes and Fixes

These wonderfully smelling plants and herbs can be taken inside to infuse your home with sweet odors. Plants are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors even during the harshest winter weather. It's even better when those plants are also deliciously fragrant.

Why this liquid fertiliser (that doesn’t smell!) is best for indoor plants

Click to see full answer Furthermore, how do I stop my house plants from smelling? To get odors out of houseplants, find the source and address the reasons for the stench. Determine which houseplant is the culprit. Check the water catcher or drainage saucer.

Our favorite outdoorsman, the Grumpy Gardener, has a thing or two to say about Bradford pear trees. Most namely, that he absolutely hates them.

Fragrant Indoor Plants that will Make your House Smell like Heaven

Potted plants in a living space can surely work wonders. Here are some easy-to-grow plants, you could bring home; added perk? They make your home smell like potpourri. Jasminum polyanthum The Jasminum polyanthum variety is commonly grown indoors. While not all jasmine flowers are fragrant, this variety has a sweet aroma that is particularly fragrant at night. Peace Lilies The peace lily or spathiphyllum is ideal to grow indoors if you love having flowers at home. They bloom for longer and have a very light fragrance.

A local version of The Love The Garden website exists

If they flower at all, the blooms are often quite insignificant. There are many fragrant flowering plants commonly seen out in the garden that are also suitable to grow indoors. Some scented plants have quite heady perfumes that could be a step too far for some people.

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