Ancient egypt landscape design

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Ancient egypt landscape design “Abstract Conception AGE” with a strong textured relief final.

How much do you know about the Egyptian language? Are you ready for the grade 9 Cultural Geography class? Students at Hamilton High School in Toronto (now known as) Eramosa will be given the option of a class that teaches students about the “history and culture of ancient Egypt”.

I could feel the very beat of my heart beat… I paused in front of the E. M. station, one block down from the good looking Royal York hotel, one block down from the trendiest address in the downtown.

Once an annex of the Royal York Hotel, this majestic structure has stood on this spot, over a hundred years, as a symbol of the west end’s great wealth.The grandiose entrance of the Royal York Hotel was commissioned by Sir Henry Pellatt, in 1927, and was designed by local architect William Sidney Allison. The hotel’s attention to detail and the ability to enjoy panoramic city views are unparalleled.”Hamilton Spectator (Nov 2007).

Why did Andrew Carnegie make his fortune in the Gilded age? Some assert that it was due to the establishment of libraries throughout the world, others believe Carnegie’s is mainly due to his trust in our powerful president. Though it’s not exactly his intent, his foundations have created a strain on the White House to be gracious in giving to Carnegie’s monumental projects. The moment you enter the Royal York you will not only feel the magnitude of the building’s awe-inspiring design but you will also get the sense of its unlimited power and ability to change the landscape of this world. This exquisite hotel epitomizes success.

The Royal York Hotel was recently renovated and has an exclusive 21st century resort-like feel. However it has the old world charm of a cathedral from a bygone era. Where have all the bronze statues gone?

We can only wonder at the magnitude of the Andrew Carnegie’s “Wooing of the world”.

What the day was like I cannot even remember… what the view was like I cannot even think… what I was thinking I don’t even know…but one thing I remember was my friends asking me where I was going so I could tell them about my great find in the newspaper. How could I not tell them about my great find? I took them with me as I stood, mesmerized by the site. “Hamilton’s great world-class Downtown..history unfolding before my very eyes.”

A weekend downtown: A look at what was happening in the downtown core of Hamilton.

A look at the events that were occurring in the downtown core of Hamilton over a two day weekend on the evening of Friday and early Sunday morning.

Friday, February 26th, 2007 – the weekend officially began

Sun Feb 26, 2007

Fri Feb 26, 2007

Museum Night

#3 Light Rail Station, Harbourfront

2 hours and 15 minutes later, we made it home!

The next two days would be filled with stories of architectural interests, but this would be the first of many discoveries, all on this one day in February, in the downtown core of Hamilton. We felt like we were at a major cultural epicenter. Here we are, me and two friends from school who would later become lifelong friends. We love how colourful this world seemed to be on this first day in February. We had the chance to experience Hamilton, its history, its scenery, its museums, and even its cultural sights. The next thing we knew we were taking pictures of the world-class Hamilton skyline! That night we had our first in a long line of fun. We all took a shot and then headed home to get ready for the next chapter in our journey.

Sun Feb 26, 2007

Halfway/Full Day/All Day

Museum Opening Hours:

Museum Stations:

2 hours and 15 minutes later, we made it home!

On Sunday, February 26th, we took our time and spent some time walking around the downtown core of Hamilton and some of the places we had to see.

First on the list, The David Dunlap

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